About Me

What I stand for

As a Green Party Representative, I stand for Social Justice, Sustainable Communities, and positive activities & policies on Climate Action.

Most importantly I stand for the needs of the community in which I represent.

My priorities

  • Safe Community & Public Spaces: I want to help create & implement policies and services which make our area safe while walking, commuting on public transport, as well as cycling.
  • To make sure all of my work as a Councillor is informed by the need for equality and inclusion. I believe that the Council should build a culture of belonging for all in the community.
  • To advocate for more sustainable policies /practices and initiatives when it comes to waste management e.g recycling facilities on streets. 
  • Ensure that the voices and views of the Cabra/Glasnevin are heard at a city-wide level.

My experience

I have a background in activism for environmental and social justice. Previously working with Amnesty International, The European Greens, and the Union of Students In Ireland.

I have a keen interest in youth and women empowerment, fast fashion, and waste management.

I once held the title of ‘Ireland’s Youngest Mayor’ only to be debunked a month later by someone younger!